Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best Hospitals

Someone on Twitter mentioned this site and its list of hospital rankings, so I downloaded the Excel file and, of course, wondered how Georgia hospitals did. Below, the rankings (in terms of # of stars):

5 Stars

Bacon County Hospital (Alma)
Northside Medical Center (Columbus)
Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Neunan)
Emanuel Medical Center (Swainsboro)

4 Stars

A whole lot of them, including St. Mary's Hospital (Athens), Emory, etc. Interesting that Emory only gets 4 stars. Very interesting.

3 Stars

Athens Regional Medical Center (oh great, I have a procedure there next week), and a whole crapload of other hospitals.

2 Stars

Bah, skip it.

1 Star

Scary places, I assume. Only two Georgia hospitals get a measly 1-star vote -- Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale and Emory-Adventist in Smyrna. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Enough with the __palooza

I detest cliches. Overused words. And I hate ___palooza.

A palooza, according to that source of sources, is a promotional event that "emphasizes or exaggerates the element of a situation."

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I mention this because this coming weekend is Plantapalooza. I'm told we have to go and buy some plants for the yard, apparently despite my hatred of the palooza term.

There are a lot of 'em. There's


and, well, you get the idea.

Searching for UGA and UF

The University of Georgia and University of Florida are, of course, rivals. UF, being bigger (and with large medical and engineering schools), gets a bit more attention, though UGA is much older. Both, it seems, are not searched for as much, at least according to the magic of Google Trends. See below. The blue is UGA, the red UF.

What are those cyclical blips up? Septembers. I can only assume that's a football effect, though I suppose it could also be a "back to school" effect. Impossible to tell from these data, but it's interesting how both schools blip up (or down) in the same months.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mental and Physical Health -- Georgia Data

There's a site with 2015 health data, which you can analyze by state or all the counties in the U.S. Looking at Georgia, I wondered how the counties ranked in terms of "mentally unhealthy" and "physically unhealthy" days.

And I really figured, Athens-Clarke has gotta be mentally unhealthy.

First, a couple of caveats. Not every county has data. And there are some wide margins of error here. Okay, those aside, let's have some fun.

Counties with the most "mentally unhealthy" days were Turner and Chattooga. Counties with the most "physically unhealthy" days were Warren (by far on this measure), followed by Evans and Atkinson.

Yeah yeah, but how about the Athens area? Athens-Clarke is pretty far down the list on mental health, 81st (high rank is bad as I reversed it, with a rank of #1 meaning the best, with 4.3 bad mental health days (not sure if a week, a month, or what, can't find it). Clarke is better on physical, ranked 28th.
  • Oconee -- apparently it doesn't measure mental health (insert your own joke here). In the number of physically unhealthy days, though, Oconee ranks as the second lowest. Nice.
  • Jackson -- kinda like Athens-Clarke, 81st in mental, 58th in physical.
  • Oglethorpe -- bad, with 81st on mental, 116th on physical

Checking the Mail

Four in 10 Americans look forward to checking the mail, says Gallup. I have to admit, I'm one of them despite the fact my mail is mostly bills.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Start Date at UGA

Georgia is hot in August, and everyone agrees UGA starts far too early. So of course the University Council is contemplating an early start date for the 2016-2017 academic year (not this coming Fall, but the Fall after).

How early? August 11. Is that early? Oh yes, my friend. Oh yes. See the table below for a list of the previous academic years and their respective August starting dates.

Year Start
2015-2016 17th
2014-2015 18th
2013-2014 12th
2012-2013 13th
2011-2012 15th
2010-2011 16th
2009-2010 17th
2008-2009 18th
2007-2008 16th
2006-2007 16th
2005-2006 18th

As you the careful reader can tell, we've never started sooner than the 12th (2013-2014). But according to the proposal now working its way through the University Council, we'd begin on August 11, almost a week sooner than the last couple of years, and at least a few days earlier than the average since way back to the 2005-2006 academic year.

No. No. No.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't start until after Labor Day, but there's Fall Break (better known as a day for students to figure out how to find Jacksonville for the UGA-UF football game), and a week, a whole week, for Thanksgiving. There is discussion of cutting Thanksgiving back, and if they do so we may see the start date massaged as well. Again, this is for 2016-2017 ... not this coming Fall.

New Roof

We just spent over 9 grand on a new roof. How do you make it rain? You wash your car. How do you make it hail? You buy a new roof.

Okay, so how often does it actually hail in Athens? Not that much. Lately, about once a year, according to data from this site. We had one hail storm in 2014, one in 2012, two in 2011, and so on except for 1999 and 1998, when there were several. The average time for hail is 3:58 p.m.

May is the month with the most hail storms historically (10), followed by April (9), and June (6). In other words, our brand new roof faces the worst time for hail. Sigh.

Or, if you like lots of data, follow Athens through time...

Date Time Amount
5/12/1971 15:23 0.75 in. 
3/28/1984 14:50 1.00 in. 
5/2/1984 17:50 1.00 in. 
5/4/1987 15:00 0.75 in. 
4/28/1990 13:45 0.75 in. 
4/29/1991 15:30 1.00 in. 
3/19/1992 12:42 0.75 in. 
5/19/1993 7:50 1.50 in. 
5/6/1996 18:00 0.75 in. 
4/22/1997 13:56 1.75 in. 
4/22/1997 14:35 0.75 in. 
4/28/1997 15:35 0.75 in. 
8/17/1997 16:23 1.00 in. 
4/3/1998 17:39 1.00 in. 
4/8/1998 22:11 0.75 in. 
5/7/1998 10:00 1.75 in. 
5/7/1998 10:15 0.88 in. 
5/7/1998 18:15 1.75 in. 
5/7/1998 18:32 1.75 in. 
6/19/1998 11:50 0.75 in. 
6/24/1998 21:48 0.75 in. 
7/20/1998 15:30 0.88 in. 
5/13/1999 16:05 0.75 in. 
6/4/1999 16:22 1.75 in. 
6/4/1999 16:40 2.75 in. 
8/20/1999 18:25 1.00 in. 
8/20/1999 18:30 1.75 in. 
2/21/2005 19:30 1.00 in. 
4/13/2005 15:05 0.88 in. 
8/17/2007 14:55 0.75 in. 
7/21/2008 19:08 0.88 in. 
4/14/2009 8:48 0.75 in. 
6/24/2011 17:33 0.75 in. 
6/26/2011 18:35 1.00 in. 
3/16/2012 19:45 0.75 in. 
10/9/2014 18:35 1.00 in. 

By the way, I don't remember that 2014 hail storm, but to have hail in October, that's just weird. Indeed, it's the only time since 1950 that we've recorded hail in October -- and there's never even been hail in September.